Swimming Pool Disinfaction(Ploarity Reversal)

Titanium Anode for Swimming Pool Disinfection


    Chlorine dioxide disinfection is largely used in swimming pool. It was divided into two kinds of electrolytic and chemical methods. Electrolysis is the raw materials used NaCl, chemical raw materials used is HCL. Commonly used in swimming pool water treatment is electrolysis ClO2 disinfection, and not by chemical ClO2 disinfection. This is because ClO2 generated by chemical method is a selective strong oxidant, it is in the sterilization process does not react with organic matter, are often excessive water and urea chroma problems. The ClO2 generated by electrolysis of salt produced by electrolysis Cl2, ClO2, O3, HO2 and other high oxygen, and in the process is no longer supported by long-term use of chlorine disinfectant.


    Chlorine disinfectants are often used: Cl2, NaClO, CaClO (Han Na), chlorine tablets, dichloroisocyanurate, TCCA. Cl2 Although the most suitable pool, all the chlorine disinfection is the most economical, the best disinfectant.


     Suzhou Borui supplies titanium anode for the production of sodium hypochlorite:

  •     Substrate Material: Titanium plate
  •     Coating Material:  RuO + IrO
  •     Shape: Plate
  •     Size: can be customized
  •     Features: Polarity Reversal