Electrowinning of Gold, Silver, Palladium & Rhodium

Titanium Anode for Electrowinning of Gold,Silver


      Electrowinning is an electrolytic process, which is largely use in production of gold, silver, zinc, chromium, cobalt, manganese, and the rare-earth and alkali metals.

      Most metals occur in nature in their oxidized form (ores) and thus must be reduced to their metallic forms. The ore is dissolved following some preprocessing in an aqueous electrolyte or in a molten salt and the resulting solution is electrolyzed. The metal is deposited on the cathode (either in solid or in liquid form), while the anodic reaction is usually oxygen evolution.


     Suzhou Borui supplies titanium anode for the production gold,silver

  •     Substrate Material: Titanium
  •     Coating Material:  IrO + TaO
  •     Shape: Plate/Mesh
  •     Size: can be customized