About Us

Suzhou Borui Anodes Industry Inc. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Titanium Anode. We specializing in the production of Titanium Anode, put emphasis on Dimensionally Stable titanium Anode, the application of cathode material in electrochemistry and research and development of plating.
  We improve on the technology end to end, and always keep close and long-term cooperation with scientific and technological research institution in China.
Titanium sheet with coating of platinum, titanium mesh with coating of platinum
Niobium mesh with coating of platinum, tantalum mesh with coating of platinum

Ruthenium-titanium anode: titanium sheet with coating of mixture ruthenium and iridium
                                           titanium mesh with coating of mixture ruthenium and iridium

Iridium-titanium anode: titanium sheet with coating of mixture iridium and tantalum
                                           titanium mesh with coating of mixture iridium and tantalum

Titanium anode for plating: high speed electrodeposition, plating line, ceramic compound plating, pulse plating ,gold plating, silver plating, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, hexa-chrome plating, hard chrome plating, zinc alloy plating, imitation gold plating, nickel-zinc alloy plating, nickel-stannum alloy plating ,PCB plating, eletron plating, stannum plating, gilding, methylsulphionic acid plating, stannum-lead alloy plaing ect.

Titanium anode for organic synthesis, titanium anode for plating metal, titanium anode for water treatment, titanium anode for cathodic electrophoresis.
Titanium anode for cathodic protection, titanium anode for electronic antisepticm , titanium anode for water-electrolytic hydrogen making, titanium anode for chemical products making.
Designing and manufacturing assistant titanium anode.
We also manufacture pure platinum, iridium-platinum alloy, niobium, tantalum, all of them in shape of sheet bar tube wire.

We manufacture anodes as the customer’s requests in standard sizes. We ensure that the production of our Anodes, Material, Parts and special from customer complied the components specification cover the code of ASME, ASTM, DIN, BS, ISO etc.

As the manufacter, we have the professional manfacturing line and experienced employee to supply customer production with highest qulity and competitive prices. This also helped us gained large market within these years..


BoRui is located in Suzhou, one hour by car or 0.5 hours by train to Shanghai.