Platinized Niobium Anode BRPTN001

Item Code:BRPTN001 Features:Platinized Niobium Anode (Mesh)
  • Description
  • Base Material: Niobium
  • Shape: Mesh (customized)
  • Working Current: < 12000 A/㎡
  • Workmanship: Plating
  • Coating Material: Platinum (purity 99.99%)
  • Noble Metal Content: ≥ 21.48  g/㎡
  • Platinum Thickness:  0.5-15μm
  • Temperature:  < 80℃
  • PH Value: 1-12

Properties:  application-specific design, tight adhesion between platinum layer and base niobium material, stable performance, high current and low voltage, can be used for composite plating of ceramics.

Application: seawater, gold potassium cyanide + citric acid, horizontal plating, pulse plating, athode protection. It can be used in acidic or alkaline electroplating solution, also can be used in special electroplating solution which contains fluorinion.

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