Platinized Anode

Platinum is  a precious metal haveing very good of pysical and chmical properited,such as:
  • high corrosion resisitance
  • thermal conductibity
  • catalytic nature

As it is very ecpensive, so we develop platinized anode as substitue.

Platinized anodes is made up of substrate material and platinum plated on the substrate material. Platiized anode intergrates good physical and chemical properties of platinum and titanium.
Substrate materila can be TITANIUM, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM. So the platinized anodes are called as:
  • Platinized titanium anode
  • Platinized tantalum anode
  • Platinized niobium anode

They can be in shape of mesh, plate,  rod,  tube and other complex shape.Mesh and plate are normally in plating, electroanalysis and watertreatment. Rod and tube normally use in cathodic protection.

Suzhou Borui platinized anode is manufactured by electroplating, We have leading plating technology in whole word. Our platinized anode are very smooth on anode surface and can be nice substitue of pure platinum anode. The purity of platinium coating is 99.99%. We supply design, manufacuring, recoating and repair service.
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